My French knotted heart

Sewing is just my super power as i just love being creative with any fabric piece i find so forgive me if I’m a DIY junkie, its how i play God on fabrics.

My love for fashion extends beyond just buying new clothes, sometimes I like to re-purpose or restyle or in better terms up-cycle my clothes. And this sometimes gets me really busy with a lot of what I call DIY Projects. They are my collection of ideas which i use to re-purpose, restyle or upscale an outfit. There are some outfits that pique my interest but i still need to “jazz” it up a bit more to suit a recreated style ( yet again, forgive my creative lingua).



So Recently I’ve been working on a personal project about hand stitching techniques and various ways of adding texture to fabrics, As most fashion enthusiasts will know, Pinterest would help you a great deal on design ideas 😉.

Finally I was really taken by a heart-shaped French knot hand stitch and decided to remake the heart shaped design on my plain Wine knitted sweater to give it a new look. i started in February and it took me about a month (obviously this is a late post) and I’m so glad about the final result and I’m happy to share this work with you guys, so tell me what you think?

Just if you need the tutorials on the french know embroidery I used on my sweater, you can find it here.😘😘😘😘

The Cookie Lyon Revolution

So you just have to know cookie Lyon only if You’re living under a rock  (no shade intended), from her fur coats to her cowboy hats to her knee high boots not to mention that she literally blings, whats not to love about her?  I particularly find her evolution through the American Drama seasons very intriguing and will be sharing  this as reflective in her style.

Season 1

Upon the introduction of the phenomenal protagonist Cookie Lyon, her Style wardrobe included 3 Essentials;

  1.  Her obsession for animal print is non to compare with, whether shoes, hats, purses, coats, jackets, blazers, even shirts. Every look always had an element of animal print. She wore the Heck out of Animal print!

                                                        Image source: fox

2. With Cookie Fur Game has never been so tight


                              Image source: fox

3.  Statement Jewelry and Hoop Earring

                                              Image source: fox

SEASON 2 and 3…

Season 2 was a complete revolution with her rocking every designer brand available, it was a total high fashion revolution.

  1. You can tell she’s a friend of Moschino


   Image source: fox

2. She adds a smashing glam to Corporate coordination.

Image source: Fox

3.  Micheal Jackson inspired chain detail looks

Image source :

4. Masculinity colorful silk shirts.

Image source:

5.  Couture Dresses with details

Photocredit :

6. All things shiny and Red Carpet Fabulous.

So in Cookie’s words say to yourself, “NO ONE CAN KEEP ME DOWN”.


10 moments Olivia pope got me swooning

I stopped following the American thriller series at its fourth season but I haven’t gotten over Olivia Pope’s sense of style, class and Elegance. I will be sharing with you 10 times she got me all swooned up in hot red cheeks.

  1. looking like a well tamed Tigress that she is…

Jean fares Couture gown in season 2



2.  A minimalist Evening glam


Escada Black and White ‘Gorinn’ Gown

3.      Floral in blue hues


White/Blue Floral Print Blouse in season 5

4.  All white Elegant Classic…



5.  Confidently chic in Gothic black


“Vivienne Westwood” Anglomania Talik Coat in season 4

6. Girl next door…


Carolina Herrera Fit-&-Flare Rose-Print Cocktail Dress

7. Simplicity with sophistication.


Black and White Dress by Carolina Herrara in season 5

8.  Graceful Poise


“Proenza Shouler” striped blue/grey/black jacket in season 4

9. Even on her dark days, her style still shines


Grey patterned structured suit.

10.   And my list would not be complete without this amazing look….simple FIERCE AND MODISH.


Rubin Singer Black and Ecru Strapless 4-ply Silk Crepe Gown in season 3

Photocredits: Pinterest

Top 5 nigerian online stores to shop for sunglasses.

Don’t you just love sunglasses or what? How adding sunglasses to your look can transform you into a billion bucks and oh! On those sunny days when your eyes are crying for some shade…sighs, sunglasses are just a girl’s bestie and here are our top 5 online stores to shop for your favorite eye wears from your convenience.

1)   House of lunettes.

If you’re a big fan of top global eye wear brands like Gucci, Ray Bans, Armani and the likes, this is the right store for you to shop. The store offers a secured payment system; pay on delivery option and all their products are well packaged and delivered with the manufacturer’s card, certificate and accessories. They provide a large array of options to suit your face shape, your pocket size and brand fetish, using their search options you are bound to get authentic designer sunglasses with the latest styles, at the best price available.
• Price range : ₦30,000 and above
• Delivery Charge/options: free delivery (within Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt)

₦2500 (outside Lagos,Abuja, Port harcourt)


2)    Lola’s nest
Lola’s nest is an online accessory company known for unique and trendy accessory pieces but their sunglasses collection is one to root for. I particularly love the uniqueness of the frames, shape of the eye wear. If you’re not the type to break the bank over a top designer brand sunglasses but still want to look hip and stylish in a chic mod cat eye or fancy square nerd frames, then Lola’s nest is your one stop shop.
Price range : ₦1500 – ₦6900
Location: Lagos
Delivery charge/options: ₦500 – ₦1500 (within Lagos)

₦2000 (outside Lagos)
Pay on delivery (within Lagos)


3) Konga

Konga is one of Nigeria’s foremost e-commerce sites, they offer stylish, chic and hip sunglasses from different retail stores who are konga sellers on the konga platform. Konga offers sunglasses from top brands like Gucci, Armani, Fendi and the likes as well as not so popular brands and designer imitations as well. Since its common to also find imitations of top brand designer sunglasses, it’s advisable to communicate with the seller and make your purchase from a trusted konga seller.


4) Jumia

In Close competition with konga, Jumia offers a wide range of products and are not relenting their collection of sunglasses. Products on jumia are pretty much the same as konga.


5) Payporte

If you’re looking for really low budget but faboulously designed eye wear to turn up your look, shop payporte, they have them in peculiar designs to keep your eyes pampered all through a sunny day at affordable prices.

So let the shopping begin……….






The Sensational Shingo Sato

I remember doing an online research sometime last year on dart manipulation when I stumbled on the name “Shingo Sato’, it kept on popping up in my search I just had to check him out, to my amazement ever since I’ve been awe-struck  at the prowess of this  Japanese fashion designer, pattern making instructor and origami mastermind.


Shingo Sato

I was immediately taken by his creative ability to sculpt shapes, reconstruct forms and transform darts into style lines using unconventional pattern drafting aesthetics, it’s something he calls “Transformational reconstruction” (P.S: for an amateur in fashion design like me, I couldn’t understand the complexity of his techniques but the amazing results got me stuck on him).

I was immediately taken by his creative ability to sculpt shapes, reconstruct forms and transform darts into style lines using unconventional pattern drafting aesthetics, it’s something he calls “Transformational reconstruction” (P.S: for an amateur in fashion design like me, I couldn’t understand the complexity of his techniques but the amazing results got me stuck on him).

I would call him a garment engineer because he practically manipulates fabric into intuitive 3D creations that can be adopted as design details and style elements. I’m an avid follower of fashion innovation so I find his work very captivating.

Design details achieved using Shingo Sato’s TR techniques.

I particularly admire the innovation his expertise is introducing to the fashion world and his passion for share his knowledge with the world, if you’re a pattern maker, fashion designer or you should be interested in his TR techniques, you can access his instruction videos on youtube here at no cost or purchase his book on transformational reconstruction here or on Amazon. He teaches and instructs designers and pattern makers via his online classes accessible on Facebook.

A cross section of how TR techniques have been applied.

Although He currently designs for private clients and his label majorly in Japan and Italy, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of his works internationally in years to come.

P.S: All pictures used in this post were sourced from Pinterest, pls contact me if it is originally yours and would like me to take it down.

Much love from ME.

The Mischka Aoki brand

I totally love Mischka Aoki because I’ve been following this brand since 2011 and over the years I have seen how it has evolved into the world’s leading luxury dress brand for children. I’m particularly taken at how the founder Winnie Aoki reinvented children’s fashion and set it rolling on a very novel terrain… Luxury Dresses for children. So far, the brand has been able to grow on these key pedestals;

unnamed (13)

                            Mischka Aoki spring summer 2017 collection



 Each dress is perfectly tailored with elements of tulle, handmade flowers, flounces, gathers, frills and lace accent infused into every design. Each dress is crafted to make the child feel special.

Craftsmanship and Quality

From the uniqueness and authenticity of each design and high-end fabrics to the skilful techniques used in the embroidery and embellishment details, it’s obvious that the dresses can only be the product of an artistic eye.   


            Mischka Aoki fall winter  2015 Greek mythology themed photoshoot



Indonesian-born, Winnie Aoki is never afraid to venture into the unknown, the brand is always ready to embrace novel ideas and input these into their designs. The brand recently launched its 24k gold dress adorned with 24carat gold and further embellished with Swarovski crystals, this is a whole new level to children’s luxury dresses.

“In her own words she said ‘I tend not to follow any trends or industry demands, but I do listen to our customers on what they need and what they like, I then take these factors into consideration when designing’. (Culled from her interview with


Mischka Aoki fall winter  2015 Greek mythology themed photoshoot

Well, I can’t wait to see what next they are working on that’s going to blow my mind, especially what they have for young boys.  Much more, I really hope this post has helped influence an idea.

Much love from Me.💖